RECENT Lenovo Desktop Windows 8 Re-Activation, Virus Removal & PC Optimization

TEDRICO’s PAGE recently had a Lenovo A730 All-in-One IdeaCentre Desktop dropped off and its Windows 8.0 OS required Activation, so I activated it. Next I Repaired 133 Windows 8 Registry Errors, Removed 17 Viruses, Performed Hard Disk Cleanup, Removed Unnecessary Boot Time Startup Programs, Removed 1.6 GB of Junkware, Removed 10 Google Chrome Browser Infection, Removed McAfee Internet Suite replacing it with AVAST Anti-virus Software and Installed VLC Media Player & CD/DVD Burning Software.

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Me and my computer are the best of friends and have been so since 1982 when I first got a computer as a birthday gift from my parents and got online for the first time. Am I a Geek? You betcha! I build, upgrade, optimize, and repair computers. I network them. I use them to build websites and design graphics with. I use them to enhance search engine visibility of the websites & social networking sites!

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